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Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Home

Some of the kinds of questions you might wish to ask include the following, which is not intended to be a comprehensive list and may not include other important questions depending of the circumstances.

Are immediate renovations required to make the home move-in ready for you?

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, storage, or office space do you need.

Do you need a two-car garage or can you get by with only one or a carport?

Do you want any extras such as air conditioning, storage space, a workshop, a fireplace, a swimming pool? What are the minimum amenities that you must have?

Do you have any special needs to be accommodated that are not already included?

Do you have children that attend school? How close are schools, recreation facilities and work.

Do you need room for pets? Are there any restrictions on pets you need to know?

Is there cable, Internet, telephone, or other services you need are available in the area, and is the house properly pre-wired for each?

What are the annual property taxes? Will the bank insist that property taxes be paid monthly, along with your mortgage payment and have you budgeted for that and the other monthly expenses?

What are the total utilities expenses each month. What type of heating is used? Is the home properly insulated.

Does the house use gas or electric heat for the furnace, water heater or the appliances? Has it been maintained?

How old are the major appliances? Which appliances are included with the house?

Have there been any recent major repairs to the house, and if so, when were they completed and at what cost?

How old is the roof and when was it last replaced? What is the condition and expected remaining life of the roof?

Is there any evidence of water egress or damage in the attic, foundation, basement or are there settling cracks evident in the foundation? What about drains, are they working properly?

Is there evidence of past or current problems with insects, termites, ants, or rodents or other infestations? Look in every nook and cranny as part of your own inspection process.

What is the state of the windows? Is there a need for updated caulking or new trim materials?

Are the bathrooms fixtures in need of immediate repairs and what would the cost be?

Are all the electrical appliances properly wired or in need of any repair? How old is the hot water tank and what is the expected remaining life?. Is there any rust showing from the tank liner? This is a sign of pending tank failure.

How old is the furnace and when was the last time it was serviced – are there any expected safety issues?

Is there a carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm in the home and should you replace or service existing ones?

How far will you be commuting to work and what is the traffic like and what will the monthly fuel bill be?

Where will your children attend school and how will they commute?

Are there parks and recreational facilities near by?

Is safety or crime an issue in the area you are looking in? Talk to the neighbours.

Are there any other negative issues nearby that will affect you uses of the property such as traffic sounds, power lines, railways, airports, trucking routes, gravel pits, or industrial or commercial uses nearby and what affect will they have on you use and enjoyment of the property?

Is the property close to an obstacle or obvious negative influence?

What is the access like to shopping, public transportation, parks, hospitals and medical clinics?

Is there any undeveloped land nearby that could affect your property in future?

Is local traffic a noise factor or is traffic a hazard for children?

What is the general reputation for the area in the community?

Is the future economic climate for the area expected to be good? Are businesses moving in to the area? Is there any recent sign of government investment?

What are the demographics of the area and does it suit your long term housing needs?

Are there plans for the area such as new roads, housing developments, or other construction, such as a fire station, or school, that that might affect you in future?

Consider the proximity to highways, other driveways, playgrounds, bus routes.

Consider existence of elevators, garbage disposal, fire exits, heating and air conditioners.

How well is the building soundproofed?. This can be important in a condo.

Visit at different times to check noise levels and activity relative to the property.

This is just a sampling of questions and should not to be considered to be all inclusive of the questions you need to ask.

If you have any other questions be sure to check with your Realtor, Strata Manager, if applicable, and your banker, mortgage broker, qualified building trades people, an independent accountant, lawyer, trusted friends and family members.

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