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Questions To Screen Your Realtor

An experienced professional Realtor will be happy to respond to these questions.

1. Can you provide references from clients whose homes you've recently sold ?

2. How many homes have you sold in your career? In the last five years? In the last 12 months?

3. What will you do to market my home beyond the conventional MLS listing?

4. Do you do direct response advertising that uses powerful headlines, compelling copy, and an offer and call to action to generate a response?

5. How long have you sold real estate full time?

6. What incentives do you offer other brokers to get them committed to selling my home?

7. Is your office fully automated with mobile phone, pager, voice mail, e-mail and fax, so we can stay in touch?

8. Give me the reasons why I should choose you over the other agents in town.

9. How much time will you spend prospecting for buyers for my home?

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